We maintain a portal to interface with our clients who are remote from us and want to exchange information and documents.  The webpage for Redman/Bruce Accounting is   https://redmanbruce.cchifirm.us/2/login/

If you are a new client, we need some basic information to set you up, so please contact us and we can get you started.

Once you sign up,  you are ready to upload documents and we get notified that you have provided us with the documents.  Likewise when we are done with your tax return you will get a nofification that the return, signature pages and invoice are ready to be reviewed.

We do not efile and tax returns until payment has been received and you must call 540-967-2332 or 540-967-4881 to arrange payment.

The signature pages can be printed and signed by you and then you can scan them and upload them to the portal.  If you desire electronic signature we also have that capability.